Do you remember Howard Webb?


Spanish fans probably will not forget him. In the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Spain and the Netherlands met in the final. When the game was in the 28th minute, Dutch midfielder De Jong kicked Harvey Alonso's chest with a kick, causing the latter to fall to the ground. Sorry. As the referee on duty, Weber only showed De Jong a yellow card. If it weren't for Spain to beat the Netherlands 1-0 to win the championship, Weber would definitely face criticism from fans from all walks of life after the game.

西班牙球迷可能不会忘记他。在2010年南非世界杯上,西班牙和荷兰在决赛中相遇。当比赛在第28分钟时,荷兰中场球员De Jong用一脚踢踢了Harvey Alonso的胸部,使后者跌倒在地。抱歉。作为值班裁判,韦伯只给德容出示了一张黄牌。如果不是西班牙以1-0击败荷兰赢得冠军,韦伯肯定会在赛后受到各界球迷的批评。

It may sound counter-intuitive. People often say that top referees have less intervention in the course of the game, but those referees who often create controversy tend to have a higher reputation and are more unforgettable. For example, Norwegian bald referee Tom Herning became famous because of the director of the "Stamford Bridge Massacre". The title of "Fantastic Four Blinds in the Premier League" is a household name in fan circles. Weber has also caused a lot of controversy in his law enforcement career.

这听起来可能违反直觉。人们常常说,顶级裁判在比赛过程中的干预较少,但是那些经常引起争议的裁判往往会享有较高的声誉,并且更加令人难忘。例如,挪威秃头裁判汤姆·海宁(Tom Herning)因“斯坦福桥大屠杀”的导演而出名。 “英超联赛中的神奇四盲区”的名称在球迷圈中是家喻户晓的名字。韦伯在他的执法生涯中也引起了很多争议。

Of course, Weber retired a few years ago, and now he is the general manager of the professional refereeing agency, responsible for the management of professional football referees in the United States and Canada. Looking back now, Weber admitted that he did send De Jong a red card in the game between Spain and the Netherlands, but compared with that penalty, Weber is more concerned about his misjudgment in a Premier League match.


"I knew I made a mistake at the time. It was a Premier League match that happened in 2009, when Manchester United played against Tottenham."


In the 2008-09 season, the competition for the Premier League title was very fierce. Before that game, Liverpool was only three points behind the leader Manchester United in the standings. There is still hope of winning the first England top league championship trophy since 1990.


With Darren Bent and Modric's goals, Tottenham led 2-0 before halftime, but the situation changed suddenly in the second half. When the 57th minute of the game went to the 57th minute, Carrick was in the Tottenham penalty area. Receiving Rooney's pass, facing the attacking goalkeeper Gomez fell to the ground. Webber blew his whistle and awarded Manchester United a penalty.


"I saw Carrick run to that position first, and then the goalkeeper pounced at him. From my point of view, Manchester United should be given a penalty kick." Weber recalled, "I thought (Tottenham) players would I immediately protested, but I only saw a surprised and suspicious look on Gomez’s face. In just a few seconds, I knew I was wrong."


According to the slow-motion playback, Carrick did touch the ball first, but Gomez didn't touch him when he made the save... When Ronaldo walked towards the penalty spot, Webber's heart was very complicated.


"Intuition tells me that I did make the wrong penalty. I only hope Ronaldo will miss that penalty, but he did not."


After Cristiano Ronaldo scored the penalty, Webb secretly hoped that Tottenham could stabilize the position and maintain the lead to the end. However, after just 10 minutes, Rooney scored another goal, rewriting the score to 2-2.

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)判罚点球后,韦伯暗中希望托特纳姆热刺能够稳定位置并保持领先优势。然而,仅仅10分钟之后,鲁尼又攻入一球,将比分改写为2-2。

You may be wondering what was in Webber's mind when Manchester United sounded the counterattack horn?


"It feels terrible, you know. As a referee, I know very well that Manchester United is gaining momentum and it is very likely to turn defeat into victory."


Manchester United then scored 3 goals in a row and completed a major reversal with a score of 5-2. As Weber blew the whistle for the end of the game, the photographer walked towards him with the camera on his back. "He didn't look for any player, but rushed towards me. I knew it was terrible at the time. I knew exactly what pain I would experience."

然后,曼联连续打进3球,并以5-2的比分完成了一次大逆转。韦伯在比赛结束时吹响了哨子,摄影师背对着镜头走向他。 “他没有寻找任何球员,而是冲向了我。我当时知道那很可怕。我确切地知道我会经历什么痛苦。”

Webber has forgotten whether the then Tottenham coach Harry Redknapp had a chat with him after the game, but according to media reports, Lao Lei did stand in the player tunnel and waited for him for a while. If the team’s head coach questioned the misjudgment, Weber usually tended to admit his mistake... Weber recalled that he had made a misjudgment in a game between Sunderland and Everton, but he won after the game. The understanding of former Sunderland coach Martin O'Neal.


"He was completely irritated and very angry, so he decided to talk to me. But after some communication, he told me,'Don't let this kind of thing ruin Christmas, (misjudgment) will always happen.' If I Trying to justify our sentence, then we will definitely quarrel."


On another occasion, Webber enforced a Chelsea game against Manchester City. When the game was over, a Chelsea employee reminded him that Manchester City coach Pellegrini wanted to talk to him. Weber felt that there was no problem with his penalty in the game, so he joked with an assistant that Pellegrini might just wish him a happy life.


"Pellegrini knocked on the door of the referee's locker room and told me,'Good job, I wish you a safe home.'" Weber smiled. "The coaches don't want to come in and praise you."

“佩莱格里尼敲了一下裁判员更衣室的门,对我说,'干得好,我希望你有一个安全的家。'”韦伯笑了。 “教练不想进来夸奖你。”

After Manchester United reversed Tottenham's game, some people said that Webber was a Manchester United fan ("I am not"). In the 2008 European Cup, Weber awarded Austria a penalty kick in the 93rd minute of the match between Poland and Austria, and received a death threat after the match... Weber said that if a referee makes a mistake in the game, he will even be criticized by his family and friends. .

曼联逆转热刺的比赛后,有人说韦伯是曼联的球迷(“我不是”)。在2008年欧洲杯中,韦伯在波兰和奥地利之间的比赛第93分钟将奥地利判罚点球,并在比赛后受到死亡威胁……韦伯说,如果裁判在比赛中犯错,他将甚至遭到家人和朋友的批评。 。

"I have enforced an FA Cup match between Liverpool and Arsenal and missed a penalty. It was a mistake. Suarez was fouled by Chamberlain, but the game was too fast and I missed it, so Liverpool was not awarded. Penalties. They lost 1-2 in the end. After the game I walked into the referee locker room at Arsenal's home court and received a small text message from him. He is a hardcore Liverpool fan. He told me:'We are still brothers. But your performance is really bad.'"


"The situation is different now, because the football world has Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology, which can help the referee correct some serious mistakes. It also makes the referee more confident... I really hope that I can be in time in the game. Discover and correct my mistakes, so that I won’t have to worry about them for a long time.”


Many years later, when Weber and Redknapp partnered to explain the football game for the TV station, Weber personally apologized to Lao Lei.


"After the broadcast, we still had a few drinks in the bar." Webber said with a smile.


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