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   Source of the manuscript: Football News reporter Lu Mi reported


   defeated Shenzhen Kaisa 2-0 in the first round on the 16th, and Tianjin TEDA won the match point for early relegation. For many people, the process and results of the game are somewhat surprising. After all, TEDA has never won a game in the first stage, while the opponent Shenzu won five games.


   Although TEDA won the first round and took the lead in relegation early, but after all there are 90 minutes left in the game, everything can happen, so the pressure on TEDA is not easy. The head coach Wang Baoshan asked everyone not to relax a little bit, and strived to get ahead.


On the 16th, the team won the deep football 2-0. Five days later, the second round of the two sides will start. Compared with the intensive three days of the first stage, TEDA has a gap between the two games. Enough time to rest. The advantage of the next city first brings confidence to the team. For Wang Baoshan and TEDA players, this time the relegation battle with Shenzu has just been halfway through.


   The two sides fought in the first round. Wang Baoshan presented a five-back system of three central defenders. In terms of on-the-spot changes and scheduling, the team fully prepared and responded to the changes and arrangements of the opponents. Of course, the deep football was also affected by the injuries of main players Mali and Dai Weijun, and did not pose too many absolute threats to TEDA's defense on offense. This is what TEDA needs to pay attention to. Once the opponent concentrates on the offensive, how the team controls its own rhythm and the defense is not overwhelmed, which tests the endurance and concentration of the defense.


In terms of personnel, TEDA currently has no injuries except for Zheng Kaimu’s suspension due to accumulative yellow cards. In the midfield position, Wang Baoshan can dispatch not too many personnel. The specific personnel arrangements and whether It will change, and it is not expected at present. After all, the score of 2 to 0 in the first leg is not safe for TEDA, who lost the second most goals in the Super League in the first stage. To hold on to this result, defense alone is not enough. It also requires the continuous effort of several foreign players on the front line.


   Since staying in the Dalian Division to prepare for the game, TEDA has been in a very low-key and cautious state. Regarding the various situations that may be encountered in the second stage, the coaching staff and the club's senior management have prejudged and prepared everything in advance. With the difficulty of the game against Shenzu, the second round is definitely more difficult than the first round. Wang Baoshan said after the end of the first round that the opponents would also use five days to summarize the first round of the game and to check for omissions, so he asked the players to quickly forget the first game.


So for TEDA, the second round is a fresh start. They lost the first round deeply. By the second round, they have no retreat. They will definitely smash to the end with TEDA. This is a more unified mind. of. Speaking of which, the greater pressure is still on TEDA's side. Compared with the use of skills and tactics and the hard power on the field, who can bear the pressure of life and death psychologically, who may be the last laugh.




   Wang Baoshan told the players more than once that the competition system this year is very cruel. In the knockout round, there is little room for everyone to make mistakes. In addition to focusing all their energy and striving for early relegation, the players have no retreat.


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