One day in August 2011, a northeastern person asked a question in a mysterious community online:


Enthusiastic netizens have made suggestions.


The best answer is this:


The questioner asked again on the day of the suspected arrival:


This person answered:


The ending of this chi-extreme adventure was quickly deciphered by the questioner himself:


In the PC era when smart phones have not yet become popular, this mysterious community can be called the earliest Internet artifact.


It is Baidu knows.


Open Baidu and you will find that there are always so many mathematicians who cannot take care of themselves asking questions on it, and they can meet people who are as serious as your mother reminding you to wear long trousers.


For example, this question: What shoes should I wear when I go to Shanghai on February 10th? Will my feet freeze when I wear sneakers?


A netizen named cjy5414 took a very scientific attitude and gave a rigorous answer like solving a math problem:


The meticulousness of this answer reminds me of a book, "Ah, Shanghai Man".


The book lists in detail the cuteness of a Shanghai man who brought a fish home to cook after work, and concluded:


For example, a question asked:


I heard that more than 40% of women in their 20s and 30s in Shanghai do not wear long trousers and wool pants in winter. Is this true or not?


The Shanghai male netizen continued to answer seriously:


There are also helpless unemployed people who come to try their luck and ask where there are places to find jobs along Shanghai Metro Line 16. He can list all the enterprises and infrastructure projects along Line 16 for you, such as SAIC Roewe car assembly. Infrastructure projects for factories, Disneyland, etc.


The real name of this nosy netizen is Cui Jianyi, and he is 70 years old this year. In real life, he is a researcher-level senior engineer and retired from Hudong Heavy Machinery in 2010.


He contributed 3789 answers to Baidu Know, and he is already at the "Baidu Know Partner" level.


Each one was so serious that I wanted to give him a compliment and reward.


In that era when smart phones and even mobile phones were not popular, he used his two legs to literally run out every answer.


For example, someone asked: How can Shanghai Pudong Airport get to Gezhouba Building, 577 Pudian Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai?


He not only listed in detail which channel to take from the airport, which subway line to take, which exit to take, and how to go after leaving the station, but also personally measured the time required to walk.


At the end of the answer, he also specifically emphasized:


The above is the quickest route, it takes about 20 minutes


He also answers many professional questions related to machinery. From the tolerance of the machining drawings, down to how many kilograms of water can a rice bowl with a diameter of 12.5 hold. Not only helped young colleagues, but also helped countless students like me in Zeng (Qu) Jing (Nian) who were still rushing homework most of the night.


Don't underestimate Baidu to know. It is almost like an Internet plaza. Not only is Uncle Cui from Greater Shanghai, but also people in remote areas are also answering questions.


For example, in 2013, before Hegang became a holy place for buying houses, some people asked:


How is Hegang this place? I am assigned here after graduation. Is this okay? Tell me about it.


A local fellow immediately answered:


It is the first place where the Siberian cold current enters China. It has eight major coal mines and lives on coal. It is my hometown.


I don't know if it depends on the reality of the people in Hegang, some people ask such questions.


Someone really answered.


Baidu knows that as a generation's Internet artifact, it can not only answer common-sense questions, but is also a holy place for sub-cultural exchanges. A group of great gods and strange and cute and foolish questions gather here.


When it first went online in June 2005, Baidu knew that it opened the points function. In that era, points and titles were status symbols in the virtual world. After all, in order to upgrade QQ, I had to hang up all night when I was in Shaolin Temple.


Baidu ID can be used in Tieba and multiple communities. The higher the points you know, the more literate you will be. People always respect you when you run across the Tieba, which attracts a large number of people to answer questions.


In the age when listening to music has not yet appeared, no matter how many outrageous lyrics you hear on the street, as long as you can say one sentence, there will be a great god in the vast sea of ​​music to help you identify it.


For example, in 2009, a person asked:


This is too simple, and someone immediately answered without hesitation: The Song of Seven Sons.




Answer: To Alice


This place refreshes the lower limit of hearing, and can also be translated into small languages.


For example, someone asked: What does the Duck Night List mean in Korean?


A goddess of ID☆Chang and Chen☆ replied: Chinese means elder brother, do you think I am beautiful?


This goddess graduated from the Korean Department of Tianjin Foreign Studies University in the real world, and now works as a financial data analyst at Thomson Reuters in Beijing.


In 2015, she was a junior in South Korea as an exchange student. With her love and understanding of Korean culture, she often answered questions about South Korea on Baidu Know.


From the specific time of a Korean star's enlistment to the development prospects of Chinese Korean tour guides in Korea, he can also answer professional Korean grammar questions.


In November 2015, after the domestic Korean Topik results were announced, the domestic search results website was paralyzed for two days. Someone asked for help on Baidu Zhizhi, ☆Changandchen☆Because people's search results in South Korea were not affected, it took less than 2 days Helped more than 30 strangers to check Korean results.


There are also people consulting academics here:


One answer below is more practical than one.


Answer 1: Well, not bad, as famous as Peking University.


Answer 2: This school is about 8,000 mu of land, which is not very comfortable. Why not go to Lanxiang, Shandong.


Answer 3: This technical school is just average. Outside the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, you can learn some skills. I heard that graduates there can generally find jobs. But the school is relatively large, it is not convenient to get out of school, and there are so many boys, it is difficult to find a girlfriend.


In this virtual community, strangers gather because of their interests, and the stories that happened unintentionally affect their lives in the real world. This has been the case for 14 years since its birth.


In 2012, a netizen asked a question on Baidu Zhizhi:


Guiqiu is an early foreign stand-alone game. The protagonist goes to a village to find his uncle. The monsters include skeleton spiders, 3D and English.


In 2019, 7 years later, someone suddenly replied: Are you still looking for? I saw you asking when I was looking, and I found it. The game is called Magic Crisis.


The moment he saw the answer, the questioner posted a post on the social software, saying that he wanted to cry.


He replied to the netizen who helped him find the answer: Oh my God, it is it, it is it.


Occasionally, the story will be more touching.


Baidu knows that the great god in Baidu also includes many professionals.


They can answer a broader and more professional range, even this question that combines court politics and earth and atmosphere science:


A netizen from ID Chengdu Panzhihua lawyer replied:

A net i怎from ID Cheng读pan之花lawyer replied:

The real identity of the respondent is the director of a law firm in Sichuan, his real name is Li Minghua, he graduated from the law department of Sichuan University.


In 2012, he answered a question on the laws and regulations of noise disturbance on Baidu Zhizhi, combining the provisions of the "Environmental Noise Pollution Prevention and Control Law" and "Urban Area Environmental Noise Standards" to give corresponding legal standards.


After a long time, in the open mailbox of the government of a certain district in Chongqing, he saw that the local government agency quoted his original answer in full to answer the citizens' inquiries. He found that although the Internet is virtual, it can indeed help others.


So after that, he spent more effort on Baidu Zhizhi, relying on his professional advantages to help ordinary people on the Internet solve daily legal common sense problems in life.


For example, this question is used by many people today. @ 王思聪

例如,当今许多人都使用此问题。 @王思聪

For most people, law is still a topic with a high threshold, and here, people like Lawyer Li Minghua have practically solved the real problems of the questioner in vernacular.


There is also an epic family ethics drama hidden in some legal questions.


For example, someone asked: Is there a child debt to the father in Chinese law to say?


I can feel the sadness of an old father across the screen. This small corner hides a lot of helplessness in this society that is not for ordinary people.


At the end of 2019, Baidu knew that it had launched an online event: "Please answer 2019".


Everyone involved in this event must first answer a question: what is the most important thing you want to say in 2019.


There are more than 100,000 answers, and each answer continues the simple style that Baidu knows.


More than 4,500 people answered a question on "How do older people look younger when they dress?" No more than three sentences.


These thousands of answers are so simple, straightforward and even a little bit earthy, but they maintain the characteristics that Baidu knows. Easy, practical and full of human touch.


Speaking of human touch, there is another question like this on Baidu Know:


The answer below is full of such a style. The first answer has 25,266 likes.


Although the questioner did not adopt any answer, it made me feel warm.


Here, countless people are looking for answers with questions, some with life puzzles, and some with life problems. Behind the answers that are not cool or even simple, strangers are silently guarding each other.


Life is like a figure of eight, going round and round, and going back and forth, eventually returning to the original point. Our life will eventually return to the most daily needs in life.


And here, there is always the most practical answer.


However, based on my experience as a student, it is important to ask questions here:


So as not to cause the following tragedies.


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