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Original title: Lakers Heat Finals memorabilia, the longest season, the ultimate suspense countdown


The finals are played today, and the suspense of the champion's ownership will finally be revealed...


After a long year, two suspensions, and three months of isolation, this year's championship has undoubtedly been given a very special meaning.


Looking back at this round of the finals, under the seemingly reasonable arrangement, there were also many surprises and surprises.


Because of the inextricable connection between the two teams, before the finals, people had a lot of imagination about the peak matchup between the Heat and the Lakers. But who would have thought that the balance of victory would quickly fall to the Lakers when the first game started. At most, the Heat were behind by more than 30 points. What's worse, after G1 played, the Heat's three generals were injured. Among them, Dragic and Adebayor two cores are hanging free cards. In G2, the Heat were forced to change and let White Leonard + Shiro enter the starting lineup. Although they worked hard to find a way to defeat the enemy, the game lost suspense early in the face of the Lakers' repeated attacks on the inside and outside lines.

由于两支球队之间有着千丝万缕的联系,因此在总决赛之前,人们对热火和湖人之间的巅峰对决充满了想象。但是谁会想到,第一场比赛开始时,胜利的平衡很快就会落到湖人身上。热火最多落后30分。更糟糕的是,在G1出战之后,热火的三名将军受伤。其中,德拉季奇和阿德巴约两个核心都悬挂着免费卡。在G2中,热火被迫改变,让White Leonard + Shiro进入首发阵容。尽管他们努力寻找击败敌人的方法,但面对湖人队对内线和外线的反复攻击,这场比赛早就失去了悬念。

Coming to G3, the situation finally changed. In desperation, the potential of the Heat’s core Jimmy Butler was forced out. He slashed 40+ triple-doubles and led the team to counterattack wildly. The teammates were also encouraged by Butler. , Came up with the ultimate offensive and defensive attitude. After a victory, the Heat finally rekindled the fire of hope. However, after entering G4, the Heat became passive again. When the Lakers were 100% energetic, the pace of the game was dominated by them again. After a victory and winning the championship point, the Zijin Army was only a few minutes away from the first championship in 10 years. ...

即将到G3,情况终于改变了。无奈之下,热火核心吉米·巴特勒的潜力被迫淘汰。他砍下40+三双,并带领球队疯狂反击。队友也受到巴特勒的鼓励。 ,以最终的进攻和防守态度浮出水面。在胜利之后,热火终于点燃了希望之火。但是,进入G4之后,热火又变得被动了。当湖人队100%充满活力时,比赛的节奏再次由他们主导。在取得胜利并获得总冠军后,紫金军团距离十年来的第一届冠军仅数分钟路程。 ...

On the Lakers side, after 4 games, James’ output is undoubtedly the most stable. Although he is 35 years old, there really are no players who can match the emperor in scoring, organization, and other offensive and defensive output links on this field. . In 4 games, Zhan Huang averaged 27.8 points, 8.5 assists and 11 rebounds per game. If you have to pick something wrong, then his turnover number is too high and his passing selection needs to be perfected.

在湖人方面,经过4场比赛,詹姆斯的产量无疑是最稳定的。尽管他今年35岁,但在这一领域,在得分,组织以及其他进攻和防守方面的表现方面,确实没有任何一位球员能与皇帝匹敌。 。在4场比赛中,黄湛场均得到27.8分,8.5助攻和11个篮板。如果您必须选择错误的东西,那么他的失误数太高,需要对他的传球选择进行完善。

In contrast, the Big Eyebrow series has ups and downs, one of the main reasons is that the Heat took a brutal round and double-teams on him. In G3, the Lakers lost and the thick eyebrows fell into foul trouble and did not score 20. But after the game, his strong self-esteem made him shout out the slogan to defend Butler alone. As expected, in the next G4, Thick Eyebrow successfully frozen JB and humiliated his opponent with a hot pot set meal.


Of course, in addition to Zhan Mei, the Lakers’ supporting roles also have bright spots, such as Popper of G1 and G4 and Rondo of G2. With the core of the team being tightly sealed, the Zijin Army’s second lineup gives dual-core support. In this round Most of the time in the series is undoubtedly timely and in place.


Compared with the strength of the Lakers, the Heat has always been a mourning posture after entering the Finals. However, in G3, Butler's 40+ triple-double's single-game output is comparable to any super giant standing on the finals stage in history. At Butler's side, Claude, Hilo, Duncan Robinson and others are also strong enough that they will not give up easily because of their overall combat strength. Of course, don’t forget the passionate remarks of the old captain Haslem during the G2 suspension; don’t forget Adebayor's comeback with an injury in G4; and Dragic learned that he could not play before the G4 game. After the old tears are running.


Of course, leaving emotional factors aside, it may only be a matter of time before the Lakers win the championship. Today, the biggest suspense in the Finals is not the issue of the Lakers reaching the top, but the issue of who will get the FMVP of James and Brother Big Eyebrow? A good wish is that Zhan Mei will share the MVP trophy after the Zijinjun wins the cup. However, FMVP has a total of 11 people voting. This voting mechanism determines that the probability of a trophy split is very small.


However, compared to individual awards, the championship is the most important and valuable reward for the Lakers. After experiencing a series of impacts such as the death of Kobe and the new crown epidemic, this time, if the Lakers win the championship. , Its significance will be unprecedented and extremely extraordinary. (Poirot)

但是,与个人奖项相比,锦标赛是湖人队最重要,最有价值的奖励。在经历了诸如神户之死和新的王冠流行之类的一系列冲击之后,这次,如果湖人赢得冠军。 ,它的意义将是空前的,而且将非常非凡。 (波洛)



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