Atletico Madrid, which just beat Granada 6-1 at home, is about to usher in an away game with Huesca. Coach Simeone introduced the team's situation at the pre-match conference.

刚刚在主场以6-1击败格拉纳达的马德里竞技队盈和国际官网即将迎来韦斯卡的客场比赛。 Simeone教练在赛前会议上介绍了球队的情况。

I don't dwell on criticism, nor do I praise praise. These are some of the opinions that the media needs to convey from what they see and hear, and their work should be respected. We should play game after game. Our opponents performed very well. Tomorrow will be a difficult game. They need to be strong at home.


When the chairman spoke, everyone supported him,


We cannot control what people think. The only thing we can control is what we do and our responsibilities in the face of competition. The competition tells us every day how difficult it is to win the championship in Spain. Every team is growing and has always been very competitive. In order to play tomorrow's game, we must show how La Liga started a few days ago.


In the 11 games after the epidemic, apart from the last game against Real Sociedad and the Champions League with Leipzig, I think we had a wonderful time. We improved in training and strengthened our defense to strengthen the frontcourt. We entered There are more balls and more penalties. We have shown the possibility of causing harm to the opponent in almost all matches. We are maintaining this momentum of work and hope we can keep it. To do this, we need to decide together with the players. They are the ones who clearly convey what the team wants.


People always point out that Atletico Madrid is the team with the most missed penalties in history. See if we can improve. We try to practice penalty kicks, but it is difficult because it is not in the game after all. The most recent free throw was Saul, who always completed his tasks well, just like in the game against Barcelona. This is football. You have to face the goalkeeper, and they are getting more and more prepared. This is a unique moment when the player and the goalkeeper face each other, and the result of the decision is either a goal or a mess.


After he came, we got along with him happily. He was very humble, despite his strength and qualifications. He is eager to begin to prove his importance to the team on the court and in daily training. We have very noble people in our team, we need him to help the team become better and continue to build the team.


I'm not talking about players on our team who don't have and cannot help us tomorrow. Everyone knows Cavani, but we only care about the players who can lead us to achieve the goals set every year.


The higher their level and the better their performance, the more opportunities we have. Diego and Luis are players of different styles. The former is active on the wing, widening the team's offensive width, shooting more goals than running into the air. The Suarez we have seen often moves around the penalty area, most of which are short-distance moves, and more often appear in the goal area. He is good at running behind the defender and makes more teammates in the penalty area respond.


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