Last season, Atletico Madrid exposed obvious problems on the offensive end. The monotonous offensive lines and unqualified output efficiency also made the team's overall offense unable to match the tough defense. Under such a current situation, Atletico Madrid naturally lost. The chance to compete for the league championship.


In fact, since the beginning of the Simeone era, Atletico Madrid’s offensive performance has been unspeakably stable. Although Simeone’s iron-blooded tactics have given the team a strong character, it is difficult to deepen the offensive tactics but it has always been Simeone’s. A big shortcoming, this shortcoming has also become an obstacle for Atletico Madrid to get better results.


After Griezmann left the team, Atletico’s striker lacked creativity. Even though there are still many good attackers in the Atletico team today, in some head-to-head matches, these players often rely on their own fights. Solve the problem. In the actual game, Atletico Madrid’s main attack methods are roughly as follows: the flank cooperates with the middle to initiate an attack, a quick counterattack, a set-piece attack, and a certain percentage of high ball. Not meticulous, so much so that many La Liga teams currently have a set of fixed response patterns when dealing with Atletico Madrid.


In the last two rounds of La Liga, Atletico Madrid ended 0-0 against Huesca and Villarreal, who were not as strong as their own. In these two matches, their opponents were also equal. Responding to Atletico Madrid by giving up possession of the ball in the midfield, shrinking the defense to a great extent and looking for opportunities to counterattack.


It is not difficult to see from the actual game that Atletico Madrid does lack the ability to attack tough. After the opponent hoarded the penalty area with heavy troops, Atletico Madrid did not find an effective way to dismantle the defense on the offensive end, and the traditional 45-degree angle high ball delivery also Become the only slightly effective offensive play for Atletico Madrid.


Simeone is obviously very clear about the team's current dilemma, so he is also trying to make Atletico Madrid's offensive line at the front of the penalty zone more coverage. After the introduction of Suarez, Atletico Madrid also has a more flexible fulcrum player on the offensive end. For Simeone, how to make good use of Suarez is also one of the important issues this season.


According to the current situation, Atletico Madrid still needs to make more tactical improvements on the offensive end. While forward players and wing attacks are the main firepower points, Simeone should also think about how to activate the activity of midfielders. From the perspective of tactical concepts, if a team wants to have a strong offensive dominance, then the active offense and ladder insertion of the midfielders are crucial.


From another perspective, whether Atletico Madrid’s offensive problem can be properly resolved is also an important step for Simeone to break through the coaching bottleneck period. After Atletico has carried out long-term deep cultivation, Simeone must also bring the team more tactical shaping methods. In order to make Atletico continue to improve.


Of course, many problems can not be solved by analysis and discussion. As a famous coach of the generation, Simeone also has a benign way to adjust when encountering problems. At the beginning of the season, Simeone will also actively check for deficiencies through actual games, and maximize the team's offensive output efficiency while ensuring the stability of the team system.


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