Tiger Fighting October 7th Dominique Calvert Lewin believes that his Everton game mode proves that he is ready to play for the country, and this is also the childhood of the Everton shooter Sweet dreams, it seems that dreams will soon be reflected in reality.

老虎格斗10月7日,多米尼克·卡尔弗特·莱温(Dominique Calvert Lewin)认为他的埃弗顿游戏模式证明他已经准备好为国家效力,这也是埃弗顿射手的童年梦,看来梦想很快就会在现实中得到体现。

The 23-year-old Lewin was drafted into the first team of the Third Division for the first time, and then he will face the challenges of the Welsh, Belgium and Denmark national teams with his teammates.


In six games this season, Calvert Lewin has scored a staggering nine goals, including two hat tricks. He currently leads the Premier League scorer list with six goals. Lewin's performance also made him full of confidence to enter the starting lineup of the England national team, and he also admitted that he was not afraid of starting on behalf of the national team.

在本赛季的六场比赛中,卡尔维特·莱文(Calvert Lewin)取得了惊人的九球,其中包括两次帽子戏法。他目前以6个进球领先英超联赛得分手名单。莱文的表现也使他充满信心进入英格兰国家队的首发阵容,并且他也承认他不怕代表国家队出战。

"I haven't played for the first time (for the England national team), but I am already looking forward to it. I am really excited and excited to be able to represent the national team on the court." Lewin said. "I believe that the Premier League is the best football league in the world. I have been playing in the Premier League and have performed very well now, so I am not afraid to play for the England national team. Fighting for the country is a childhood dream. And I am honored to be here now."

“我没有第一次参加(英格兰国家队)比赛,但是我已经很期待了。能够代表国家队出战我感到非常兴奋和兴奋。”莱温说。 “我相信英超联赛是世界上最好的足球联赛。我一直在英超联赛中踢球,现在表现出色,所以我不怕为英格兰国家队效力。为国家而战是一场童年的梦想。很荣幸来到这里。”

"When you were called up by the national team for the first time, I felt that you couldn't imagine how you would feel. For me, I have been dreaming about this for a long time. In order to achieve this goal, I worked very hard. Obviously, I am focusing on playing for Everton and winning the game. When the time approaches (the national team list is announced), of course you will hope that you will be the coach of the national team. Came to mind and was eventually selected into the big list."


"For me, being able to stand here is something I have thought about for a long time and dreamed about for a long time." Calvert Lewin’s chances of making his debut are getting higher and higher due to the withdrawal of another forward Tammy Abraham. , He, Ben Chilwell and others were excluded from the list by Southgate for violating epidemic prevention regulations. This is another problem that has caused headaches for coach Gareth Southgate. He had warned after Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood were fined for violations of the rules during the England team’s game in Iceland last month. Players who have passed him must perform well.

“对我来说,能够站在这里是我很长一段时间以来梦dream以求的事情。”由于另一名前锋塔米·亚伯拉罕(Tammy Abraham)的撤离,卡尔弗特·莱温(Calvert Lewin)出道的机会越来越高。 ,他,本·奇尔韦尔(Ben Chilwell)和其他人因违反防疫法规而被Southgate排除在名单之外。这是引起加雷斯·索斯盖特教练头痛的另一个问题。在上个月英格兰队在冰岛比赛期间,菲尔·弗登(Foen Foden)和梅森·格林伍德(Mason Greenwood)因违反规定而被罚款盈和国际网址后,他发出了警告。通过他的球员必须表现出色。

Calvert Lewin said Southgate reminded the players that they have their own responsibilities at the team meeting on Monday, but he believes that the team has not been affected by bad discipline. The forward said, "Now is a difficult time. The boys have apologized for their actions, and this is the most important thing they need to do. But what we have to understand is that when you decide When you serve your country, what is the meaning, and you must always remember this profound meaning."

卡尔弗特·莱文(Calvert Lewin)说,索斯盖特(Southgate)提醒球员们,他们在星期一的球队会议上有自己的责任,但他认盈和国际官网为球队没有受到不良纪律的影响。前锋说:“现在是艰难的时刻。男孩们为自己的行为道歉,这是他们需要做的最重要的事情。但是,我们必须了解的是,当您决定为国家盈和国际官网服务时,含义,您必须始终记住这一深刻含义。”

"This is a difficult situation, but they have already apologized so we have to look forward. We had a welcome meeting (on Monday) and (Southgate) just reminded us of what it means and what it means to play for England. Hopefully, you must be very, very careful and follow the team’s rules.


"This is a special moment. We must pay special attention to these guidelines. When you play on behalf of your country, you should do these. I don't think the team has a discipline problem. I think it's just a lack of concentration. That’s what I want to say. After all, we are also human beings, and we are still learning and growing. Everyone may make mistakes at some point, but the important thing is that you have to learn from them, apologize, recognize your mistakes, and continue Go forward, just like the boys do, so there is no such bad feeling, no."


There is only one person in the Third Division that will never be accused of undiscipline. He is captain Harry Kane, and the Everton player is looking forward to watching his Tottenham opponents more closely.

第三部门只有一个人,永远不会被指责为无纪律。他是哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)的队长,埃弗顿球员期待着更密切地观察他的热刺对手。

"He entered the Premier League when I was about the same age and was running for Tottenham on the pitch," he said. "For me, he has a lot of things in the game. I can learn from him and apply it in my game. There is a reason why he can achieve such results: he trains very hard, he has a lot of Strong ability and can score goals. As a player who has just joined the England national team, it is very beneficial to be able to get in touch and observe his daily performance."

他说:“当我大约同龄时,他进入了英超联赛,并且正在为托特纳姆热刺而奔波。” “对我来说,他在比赛中有很多东西。我可以向他学习,并将其应用到我的比赛中。他之所以能够取得这样的成绩是有原因的:他非常努力地训练,他具有很强的能力,并且可以进球。作为刚刚加入英格兰国家队的球员,能够保持联系并观察他的日常表现非常有益。”

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