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Original title: Lu Media: Guo Tianyu's speed is more explosive than Zhang Yuning, high but not stupid, and delicate technology


Guo Tianyu wins more opportunities with outstanding performance, Xinhua News Agency issued


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Commercial Daily News from Jinan   On September 29, the Chinese National Men's Football Team announced a new training list. A total of 28 players were recruited for this training session. The Luneng Taishan team was selected 4 people, namely Hao Junmin, Liu Binbin, Jin Jingdao and Guo Tianyu. This is also the first time U23 player Guo Tianyu has been selected for the adult national team.


Guo Tianyu is no stranger to national football coach Li Tie. Last season, the teenager Guo Tianyu came to Wuhan Zall Club on loan. Li Tie was the coach at the time. During the loan period of Zall, the 20-year-old Guo Tianyu won a total of 15 appearances, of which, he started 7 games and contributed an assist. From the number of appearances, it can be seen that Li Tie appreciates Guo Tianyu very much and has given the young teenager many opportunities. Because of this, after polishing in the top league, a solid foundation has been laid for the outbreak of this season.


Last season, although Guo Tianyu did not score a goal, as a high center forward, he played an obvious role in the frontcourt and provided a guarantee for the team's anti-counterfeiting tactics. Different from traditional high center forwards, he is tall but not stupid. He has fine skills at his feet and extremely fast speed, which is also a rare trait among high center forwards.


Judging from the national team lineup recruited this time, there are offensive players such as Exon, Wei Shihao and Zhang Yuning on the front line. Among them, Exon's ability is undoubtedly the absolute core of the offense. Wei Shihao plays more on the wing, breaking through and shooting inwards are his characteristics. Here, Zhang Yuning and Guo Tianyu are of similar types, and it is indispensable to compare the two. In terms of their ability to hold the ball in the frontcourt, both are very good. In addition, both of them possess excellent physical conditions and delicate foot techniques. The difference is that Zhang Yuning is not fast, which is also his shortcoming. Guo Tianyu has absolute speed and strong explosive power. In contrast, it seems that Guo Tianyu is more popular, but Zhang Yuning is more rich in game experience. The overseas experience and the main position of the Super League are not available to the young Guo Tianyu.


"Tiejiajun" can have a place for Guo Tianyu, and it is inseparable from the wonderful performance of this season. This season, as a U23 player, Guo Tianyu has played 13 times and started once. At the beginning of the season, due to the absence of the main center Pellet due to injury, Guo Tianyu thus obtained a valuable opportunity to play and performed very well. He was favored by head coach Li Xiaopeng and once became the team's main player. Up to now, Guo Tianyu has scored two goals in the league.


For Guo Tianyu, entering the national team is a key stop in his life. In the previous interview, Guo Tianyu had a clear plan for his future: "If you say something big, I hope that within five years, Luneng can rush back to the top, return to the championship, and then personally, hopefully Can become the main force of the national football team."


Li Weiqiang, a journalist from Shandong business daily and Su Bao

l i Wei强, A journalist from S撼动business daily and sub奥



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