Tiger Punch, September 24, this round of the UEFA Europa League qualifying round, Tottenham will play away against North Macedonian team Shukendijie. Before the game, Tottenham player Winks attended the pre-match conference.

猛虎队(Tiger Punch),9月24日,在本轮欧洲联盟欧洲杯预选赛中,热刺将客场挑战北马其顿队舒肯迪杰。赛前,热刺球员Winks参加了赛前会议。

Obviously the team has had a very dense schedule in the past few weeks, playing a lot of games. Players who participated in the game are recovering, and those who did not participate are training.


From what we have seen and heard, everyone in the team maintains a positive attitude. Everyone is working hard. The same is true for Ali. His training is very good.


This is difficult. Obviously, the news of (the game is cancelled) has come out. It is difficult for us to adjust the team's preparation state, because everyone is already prepared for the game.


It is a difficult time for everyone now. We wish the players of Leiden Oriental our best wishes. We hope that they will recover as soon as possible and everyone will be healthy.


We want to play every game well and maintain a winning streak. The team hopes to maintain this winning mentality while keeping everyone healthy. Of course, we need to do some rotation in the face of a dense schedule. It is important that every player gets playing time.


The team wants to win, which can cultivate confidence in the team. The failure to play in this League Cup is certainly disappointing, but at the same time, there are more important things in the world that need to be paid attention to.


I want to say that in the past five or six years, our status has been greatly improved. The world now looks at Tottenham from a different perspective. Bell has had a successful career in Madrid. His performance at the beginning has been a huge encouragement to Tottenham. Bell will come to the locker room with experience as an outstanding player.


With the team's current lineup, it is important to give results and performance on the court to show how good we can become.


Ali is a top player. You can't reach the level he can achieve by luck. What you need is hard work and outstanding ability to achieve this goal. It may be a drop in confidence. I don't know how it is, but he is an excellent player and a top professional player. I believe everyone in the team will support me and say that he can return to his best condition and he will do it.


No, not at all. No matter who it is, the coach is very clear about our role and work. As a player, we have different characteristics-everyone is like this, and there will be changes in the game. What the coach sets for the game and what he asks us to do. This is all for any player participating in the game. same.


Huiber is a top player. He can inspire everyone on the court and help everyone to play harder. He is very talkative, and this ability is important in some cases. At the same time, we must continue to work hard so that everyone can make progress and do our best.


We haven't trained with him yet (Reguilon officially participated in the joint training on the day after the interview), the player is still with the physical therapist, and I think he will quickly integrate into the team. He looks humble and awesome.


Everyone knows how well he performed in Sevilla last year, so it is a very good signing for the team. I hope he will practice with the team as soon as possible.


We only met after Bell came back. It is admirable for anyone who has achieved so much in his career to remain humble. He is great as a player and an ordinary person.


When he was still here, I didn’t train a lot in the first team, maybe I was too young, but I watched the game at Bailu Alley every week. He scored a lot and won a lot for the team. game. Hope he can play the same performance for us this season, I am sure he can

当他还在盈和国际网址这里时,我在一线队的训练并不多,也许我还太年轻,但是我每周都会在Bailu Alley观看比赛。他得分很多,为球队赢得了很多。游戏。希望他能在本赛季为我们发挥同样的表现,我相信他可以

Every player will agree with me, that is, everyone will say that they like to play in front of the fans, it is they who make the football game so wonderful.


However, it is impossible at this stage. We must consider the more important issue-the health and safety of the people. Although we really want fans to be there, we are still motivated to win, just as they were.


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