Tiger Fight, October 5th. In the fourth round of the Premier League’s focus game that ended early this morning, Manchester United lost 1-6 to Tottenham. After the game, the Red Devils coach Solskjaer expressed that he would take full responsibility in an interview with the media.


Sochaux said: "It's embarrassing, it's all my fault. It's not Manchester United. You can't win the game when you make mistakes like this game and with such a performance."


"Today is the worst. I have nothing else to say. When you encounter such a fiasco, you have to reflect on it."


"When the game first started, you would think that today's game can progress in an ideal way. But we made many wrong decisions, and then we fell behind by two or three goals."


"There is still a chance to fall behind 1-2, but it will be very difficult to fall behind 1-3 soon. When falling behind 1-4, it depends on the quality and personality of the players."


"We didn't show any aggressiveness today and made too many mistakes. We have to take a good look at everything."


"Although Lamela's reaction is like surgery on his throat, it is not an excuse for losing. This is Martial's wrong way of responding, but if Lamela is my player, I will suffer from falling down like this. 'Hair dryer', he shouldn't react like that."


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