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Eliminated by war


Since the original Cup goalkeeper Martinez has already transferred and left the team, Arteta also sent Leno to play in the League Cup. Facts have proved that this is a very wise employment. If it were not for the main goalkeeper, Liverpool may have already smashed the gunners. Eight yuan. Before the end of the first half, Red Army new aid Jota took a header from close range. Seeing that he was about to fly into the goal, Leno jumped up and threw his arms out to shut the ball out. The poorly prepared Nanno Takushi also kicked a supplementary shot. Middle beam.

由于最初的杯门将马丁内斯已经转会并离开了球队,阿泰塔还派莱诺参加了联赛杯。事实证明,这是非常明智的工作。如果不是主力守门员,利物浦可能已经砸了枪手。八元。在上半场结束前,红军新援若塔从近距离拿到头球。看到他即将飞入球门,Leno跳了起来,伸出双臂将球挡出。准备不足的Nanno Takushi也踢了补充球。中梁。

In the 53rd minute, Liverpool got another chance to shoot from close range. Van Dyke ejected from the instep about 5 meters away from the goal. Leno still flopped sideways to block the ball when the distance was so close, making the world's No. 1 central defender call. However. In the 63rd minute, Mr. 46 million Mr. Ruota turned inward and no one interfered. He volleyed in the penalty area and was still blocked by Leno.


The most miraculous save occurred in the subsequent corner kick. The red star Grujic's header was very weird. He almost fell against the beam and penetrated into the upper left corner of the goal. However, Leno lightly eased his arm and used it almost unscientific. The action completed this extreme save, allowing Arsenal to enter the penalty shootout alive.


Leno’s magical save has already made Liverpool players seem less confident in scoring. Even in the penalty shootout, the two strikers, Origi and Harry Wilson, were saved by Leno bravely, filling in the air. Penalty missed in the pit. Two penalty saves are the best portrayal of Leno's magical performance in this campaign.


Leno completed 7 saves in the game, many of which were difficult rescues. He also saved two goals in penalty shootouts. Whoscored scored 8.91 points for him. He is the best player in the game and deserves his name. Is anyone still questioning Arsenal's move to sell Martinez, the champion of last season's cup?

莱诺(Leno)在游戏中完成了7次保存,其中许多是艰难的救援。他还在点球大战中节省了两个进球。 Whoscored为他赢得了8.91分。他是游戏中最好的球员,应该得到他的名字。有人还在质疑阿森纳出售上赛季杯冠军马丁内斯的举动吗?

"The game is very difficult. We try to make a change and win another cup championship. This is my goal. Save? The most important thing is to win. For the goalkeeper, you can save your opponent's shot in a penalty shootout. It’s the most wonderful thing to have a happy smile on my teammates.” Leno said domineeringly after the game: “We experienced a disappointing battle here on Monday. The team analyzed the game and the coach gave us motivation.


Arteta said: "Leno is really good. He always comes forward when we need him. To win at Anfield, you need some top individual performances, and this is our tonight. What I have. I always have confidence in Leno. I know how great he is because he always has such a performance. We don't want to sell Martinez, but this may be a good decision for both parties.

Arteta说:“ Leno非常好。当我们需要他时,他总是挺身而出。要在安菲尔德获胜,您需要一些顶级个人表演,这是我们今晚的表现。我拥有。我对Leno一直充满信盈和国际官网心。我知道如何他之所以出色是因为他总是有这样的表现,我们不想出售马丁内斯,但这对双方来说都是一个不错的决定。

The broadcast guest Redknapp also said: "We saw some great saves tonight. This is the contribution you want your goalkeeper to make. Leno looked extremely calm and confident in the penalty shootout. This is you. The No. 1 goalkeeper you want."


In the League Cup draw, Arsenal will face off in the next round


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