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Original title: Harden may be next ranking: Clippers or Chengda hot, Knicks on the list


Recently, the American media published an article listing the top five next homes he is most likely to go to if the Rockets trade James Harden during the offseason.


Harden is still at his peak. This season, he averaged 34.3 points, 6.6 rebounds, 7.5 assists and 1.8 steals per game. But in the past few years, he has failed to make consecutive championships. In the playoffs, his habitual weakness has also been questioned.


If, during the offseason, the Rockets are to rebuild, then trading Harden will undoubtedly bring them the most rewards. Looking at the entire league, the following five teams may be worth discussing.


1.76 people


This season, the 76ers spent a lot of money, but the results were disappointing. The two cores of the team Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid did not have a tacit understanding, and West Di missed the playoffs because of injuries. After the first round of the playoffs, Philadelphia adjusted the coaching staff and Doug Rivers became the new coach. In fact, after Li Shuai was in class, there was news that Philadelphia's lineup would change, and Simmons was most likely to leave the team as the master. If the 76ers can find a way to trade Harden, it will undoubtedly inject new impetus into the lineup, but with the team's current bargaining chips, the deal is not small.


2. Bull


The Bulls are still hovering in the lottery zone this season, and are one of the league's recognized flank troops. Fortunately, the growth of Zach LaVine, the core of the backcourt, gave them hope of rebuilding. During the offseason, the Bulls fired Jim Boylan and appointed Billy Donovan as the new coach. After Donovan takes office, of course he hopes to bring something new to the Bulls. If Chicago can act quickly at this time and poach Harden to join, then the team will re-emerge next season and it will be just around the corner. In addition, there are a lot of young stars in the Bulls, and they also have high draft picks (the 4th pick in the first round). These are the chips the Rockets want.

公牛队本赛季仍在彩票区徘徊,是联盟盈和国际官网公认的侧翼部队之一。幸运的是,后场核心Zach LaVine的成长给了他们重建的希望。在休赛期,公牛队解雇了吉姆·博伊兰(Jim Boylan),并任命比利·多诺万(Billy Donovan)为新教练。多诺万上任后,他当然希望为公牛队带来新的东西。如果芝加哥此时能迅速采取行动并挖苦哈登加入,那么球队将在下个赛季重新出现,而且指日可待。此外,公牛中有很多年轻的明星,他们也有高选秀权(第一轮第四顺位)。这些是火箭想要的筹码。

3. Knicks


Of course, for a top star like Harden, once he leaves the Rockets, he most wants to go to the big market team. The Knicks in the east undoubtedly meet the requirements of a big beard. At the beginning of this year, the famous agent Leon Rose entered the Knicks management and quickly carried out a high-level exchange. Then, the Knicks set their sights on the operation of the offseason early. Looking at it now, because many players in the New York team have short contracts of one or two years, the Knicks can clear up to $60 million in salary space during the offseason. If the Knicks can tap Harden, I believe the new management will go all out.


4. Clippers


As early as a few days ago, there have been rumors that the Clippers wanted to introduce Harden. The facts have proved that this season, after the cooperation between Xiaoka and Pickle, the compatibility is not good. If Harden can join, he is better at passing and organizing the style of the game, which will undoubtedly liberate the small card and let the latter free up personal attacks. From the standpoint of the bearded individual, at the age of thirty, after failing to beat the championship again and again, he might also consider changing. Moving to the Clippers and teaming up with the small card is undoubtedly a great opportunity to compete for the championship.


5. Bucks


Harden went to the Bucks to team up with Brother Alphabet, and such a script seems incredible. But in fact, both the Bucks and Antetokounmpo are in a rather embarrassing situation after failing to hit the championship consecutively in the past two years. In the playoffs, Antetokounmpo’s ball-holding and shooting flaws have been magnified time and time again, and the Bucks’ system has also collapsed time and time again, but if Harden can join in the future, it may stimulate new potential of the alphabet. In order to retain Antetokounmpo, the Bucks devote all their efforts to chasing Harden, which is also a risky attempt. (Poirot)

哈登去雄鹿队与Brother Alphabet合作,这样的剧本似乎不可思议。但事实上,雄鹿和前脚手袋都在过去两年未能连续蝉联冠军之后处于令人尴尬的境地。在季后赛中,Antetokounmpo的持球和投篮缺陷一次又一次地被放大,雄鹿的体系也一次又一次地崩溃,但是如果Harden将来能加入,则可能会激发字母表的新潜力。为了保留Antetokounmpo,雄鹿全力以赴追逐Harden,这也是冒险的尝试。 (波洛)



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