Tiger Fighting on October 20th The Chinese Basketball Association announced that the Bayi men’s and women’s basketball teams will no longer participate in the CBA and WCBA leagues.


The announcement is as follows:


Since the establishment of the CBA League in 1995, the Bayi team has entered the semi-finals 12 times and reached the finals 11 times, including 8 championships, 3 runner-ups, and 1 third runner-up. From 1995 to 2001, the Tiejun Bayi was invincible, winning 6 consecutive championships and winning the championship without losing a clean sheet in the playoffs for five consecutive years. After six consecutive championships, Wang Zhizhi landed in the NBA. In 2003, Bayi defeated the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team 3-1 under the leadership of the "God of War" Liu Yudong to regain the championship; In the finals, they defeated the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team 4-1 and won the eighth championship trophy in history.

自从1995年CBA联赛成立以来,八一队已进入半盈和国际官网决赛12次,进入决赛11次,其中包括8项冠军,3项亚军和1项亚军。从1995年到2001年,铁军八一是无敌的,连续6届夺冠,并且连续5年未在季后赛中丢掉任何面子而获得冠军。在连续六次夺冠之后,王志之进入了NBA。 2003年,八一在“战神”刘宇东的带领下以3-1击败广东男篮,夺得冠军;在决赛中,他们以4-1击败广东男篮并获得历史上第八座冠军奖杯。

According to the previously announced "Regulations on the Registration and Registration of Players in the CBA League for the 2020-2021 Season", the window period of the new season will allow teams to trade players that have completed registration and at the same time claim free agents. This will be the first time in CBA history to allow mid-season player mobility.

根据之前宣布的“ 2020-2021赛季CBA联赛球员注册和注册规定”,新赛季的窗口期将允许球队交易已完成注册并同时免费申领的球员代理商。这将是CBA历史上第一次允许季中球员移动。

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