Hupu News, October 1st, Xinhua News Agency published an article titled "The Powers are busy wrestling, but there is no way to retreat-2020 Chinese Super League First Stage Overview", commenting on the first stage of the Chinese Super League. "The decadent has no way to retreat" refers to Tianjin TEDA, which was criticized in an article a few days ago.

新华社虎埔新闻10月1日报道,《中国超级联赛》第一阶段评论说:“大国正忙于角力,但无法撤退2020年中国超级联赛第一盈和国际官网阶段概述”。几天前在一篇文章中受到批评的天津泰达是“ The废无路”。

The full text is as follows:


This is a special season as well as a difficult journey. The two divisions gathered more than 1,800 people, and they were unblocked in more than 70 days. A total of 112 games in 14 rounds brought back the charm of China's top professional football leagues. Audience. Looking back at the first stage of the Chinese Super League, most of the teams showed their competitive level. They were fighting for the brutal two-round elimination game in the second stage, and they also retained the suspense of championship and relegation.

这是一个特殊的季节,也是艰难的旅程。这两个师聚集了1,800多人,他们在70天内畅通无阻。 14轮比赛共有112场比赛,带回了中国顶级职业足球联赛的魅力。听众。回顾中国超级联赛的第一阶段,大多数球队都表现出了自己的竞争水平。他们在第二阶段为残酷的两轮淘汰赛而战,他们还保留了冠军和降级的悬念。

The Dalian Division presents a situation of "one giant, many strong". Defending champion Guangzhou Evergrande did not encounter too many difficulties in the first stage, and the offensive and defensive ends still showed top dominance. Exxon and Talisca played steadily, Wei Shihao's progress was visible to the naked eye, and the joining of Fernando sharpened the edge of Evergrande. However, there are also public opinions that Cannavaro's team has hidden dangers in the selection of wing personnel, and Paulinho has become the team's first scorer, whether the adjustment of the center and frontcourt is also to be considered.


Jiangsu Suning and Shandong Luneng Taishan, who went north to Dalian, followed Hengda and both scored 7 victories. Suning beat Luneng by 2 points with two more draws. Suning under Olaruoyu was unbeaten in two rounds against Luneng, and even had a good revenge against Guangzhou Evergrande. However, the whereabouts of Teixeira, the "thigh" in the team, is doubtful, which may add variables to Suning's journey. For Luneng, the performance in the first stage can be described as ups and downs, the offensive end is relatively weak, and the team needs to adjust and solve.


Shanghai SIPG and Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, who failed to meet the defending champions, became the duo of the Suzhou division. SIPG, who introduced Lopez this season, is really strong and has top players in all positions. The frontcourt combination of Bakambu, Augusto and Vieira is not inferior in the national security aspect. The state and strength of both sides are expected to be in the second stage. The competition achieved good results.

未能与卫冕冠军见面的上海SIPG和北京中和国安成为苏州分部的二人组。本赛季引进洛佩兹的SIPG确实很强大,并且在所有位置上都拥有顶级球员。 Bakambu,Augusto和Vieira的前场组合在国家安全方面并不逊色。双方的状态和实力都有望进入第二阶段。比赛取得良好成绩。

Looking at all the teams in the first stage, Chongqing Modern, ranked third in the Suzhou Division, can be described as a flash. At the beginning of this season, Zhang Wailong’s team delayed the return of foreign aid due to the epidemic, which was almost a "all-China class" challenge. However, as the lineup was filled, this "civilian" lineup team had points wherever it went, and the final wave of 6 The winning streak advanced into the championship group.


In the first 14 rounds, there were 12 games with a net game time of more than 60 minutes. The highest in the Suzhou Division was the 14th round of Hebei China Fortune against Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang. The net game was 63 minutes and 17 seconds. This season, apart from the loaned Goulart, the foreign players in the Huaxia team can be called "civilians". Xie Feng's team has gone through hard work, one point by one, and finally ranked fourth in the division, the road to transformation Take a successful step.


Being in the more powerful Dalian competition area, Shenzhen Kaisa's performance cannot be said to be bad. In the end, it is only 4 points away from the fourth place in the competition area, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua. Wuhan Zall and Shijiazhuang Yongchang, who returned to the Super League this season, also left regrets: Zall was a strong contender for the title in the Suzhou Division most of the time, and finally fell behind in the 13th round; Yongchang's toughness on both ends Many teams have headaches, but it is a pity that they have lost three straight in the last three rounds and failed to make further progress.


(The subtitle of the original text is like this, it should be "There is no way out for the depressed")


There are those who burn high light in the cracks, and there are also those who seek to survive in adversity. "King of Yuexiu Mountain" Guangzhou R & F started a terrible start, encountering Shenzhen, Evergrande, and Suning, losing 10 goals in succession. Facing the objective reality of the team's thin lineup, Van Bronckhorst's entry is difficult to save his heart quickly, and the departure of the team's top scorer in the past four seasons, Zahave, is even worse. Facing the second stage of the relegation schedule, R&F still has a long way to go.


As the only team that played at home this season, the Dalian people finally stayed at home in embarrassment for the entire season due to their poor performance. The future in front of Benitez is very skinny. What on earth can they use to relegation? The "promoted horse" Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang, who has experienced the storm of changing coaches, paid full tuition in the first stage. After coach Wu Jingui arrived, he brought some changes to the team.


Henan Jianye, who was once strong in the Super League, fell into the relegation group early this season. As far as the current situation is concerned, the team and fans will continue to suffer more, and the difficulty of getting out of trouble is already very great. This requires not only the Spanish coach to play a role, but also the strength of the team's internal and external players.


The decadent Tianjin TEDA had no victories in 14 games in the first stage. Not only did it refresh the embarrassing record to be included in the top league of Chinese professional football, but it also pushed itself to the edge of a cliff. Behind the poor paper results are management confusion and unprofessionalism. This veteran Chinese Super League team has nowhere to go. No one knows where to go.


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