For the third time in two months, Liverpool finally completed their revenge against Arsenal with outstanding performance. The goals of Mane, Robertson and Jota defended the glory of Anfield.


While using sharp frontcourt pressure to interfere with the opponent’s offense, while relying on a combination of strong forwards and guards to constantly attack the penalty area, there are forwards to destroy the city, and behind the door to turn the tide, Liverpool won in the way they are best at, and also for receiving The next tactical experiment has laid the groundwork.


Liverpool lacked Henderson and Thiago in this game. Klopp arranged for Nabi Keita to start. The Guineans are more advanced than Wijnaldum and Fabinho and have a large range of activities. Liverpool's 433 formation is close to 424 in operation, which is a signal of proactive attack and continued pressure.


Arteta followed the recently mature 3421 formation. Ernene and Xhaka partnered with double midfielders, Ceballos was retained as a backstop, and Arsenal was ready to make a late start.


In the Community Shield contest, Liverpool not only failed to profit from the frontcourt pressure, but also fell in the wing battle, and finally relied on a wave of offensive led by four forwards to barely equalize the score.


Based on the above experience, Liverpool strengthened the frontcourt press in this campaign. The "four forwards" worked hard to burn the flames of the opponent's half court, mobilized their opponents by patiently passing the backcourt, and opened the space to send the full-backs to the offensive channel.

基于以上经验,利物浦在这次竞选中加强了前场新闻。 “四前锋”努力燃烧对手半场的火焰,耐心地通过后场动员了对手,并打开了将后卫送入进攻通道的空间。

In the Community Shield Cup, Arsenal set the first line of defense in the midfield area. When Liverpool's backcourt pass stalls, they will see the opportunity to grab Fabinho and Gomez. In this campaign, Klopp improved the backcourt propulsion system. Wijnaldum stood back and formed a double defensive midfielder with Fabinho, increasing the point of contact in front of the guard line.

在社区盾杯中,阿森纳在中场区设置了第一道防线。当利物浦的后场传球失速时,他们将看到抓住法比尼奥和戈麦斯的机会。在这次运动中,克洛普改进了后场推进系统。 Wijnaldum退后一步,与Fabinho组成了双重防守型中场,增加了在警戒线前面的接触点。

In the face of Arsenal's pressing, Liverpool's backcourt players performed steadily. Alisson and Van Dyke were able to use long passes to hit directly behind them. Robertson and Arnold found that they could always complete the forward pass in time.

面对阿森纳的逼迫,利物浦的后场球员表现稳定。 Alisson和Van Dyke能够利用长传直接在他们身后命中。罗伯逊和阿诺德发现他们总是可以及时完成前传。

When the wing players complete the vertical connection, Fabinho and Wijnaldum will rush to respond in time and charge forward with a forward command forward player. Naby Keita chased the ball between the two penalty areas, and coordinated with the trident in the front court to increase the intensity of the game and help the Reds build a numerical advantage in the ball area.

当侧翼球员完成垂直连接时,Fabinho和Wijnaldum将赶时间做出响应,并用前锋命令前锋球员向前冲锋。内比·凯塔(Naby Keita)在两个罚球区之间追球,并与前场的三叉戟配合以提高比赛强度,并帮助红军在球区建立数字优势。

Arnold lacked the Community Shield, and Arsenal dared to put heavy troops on the left to strengthen the attack. Left center back Tierney had several passes from the bottom.


After Arnold's return, the Gunners' left attack became much more cautious, and Liverpool's forward pressure on this side was particularly sharp. After Arteta's training, the Gunners' backcourt players acted calmly in the face of pressure. They began to organize passes from their penalty area and found space for development from the side.


Compared with the combination of Holding, Bellerin and William on the right, the Gunners left combination is more handy in terms of offense. The double-back configuration can stabilize the backcourt and help Xhaka show his passing skills calmly. The Red Army's defensive players on this side are Nabi Keita and Fabinho. The tacit understanding of the frontcourt and the coverage of the midfield are insufficient, and Lacazette's goal came from this.


The right defense zone was penetrated by the opponent's fast break, and Liverpool quickly responded on this side. In the process of Mane’s goal, Nabi Keita played a key role. He successfully completed the task of connecting the midfielder and the striker. The space brought out by him was Salah and Firmino. Used.

对手的快速突破打穿了右边的防守区,利物浦很快就做出了回应。在Mane的目标过程中,Nabi Keita扮演了关键角色。他成功完成了连接中场和前锋的任务。他带来的空间是萨拉(Salah)和菲尔米诺(Firmino)。用过的。

Compared with the Community Shield, the biggest change for Liverpool is the addition of a "forward". Nabi Keita can play a role in the middle, Firmino can come to the (right) side to assist Salah and Arnold, thereby breaking the local balance.

与社区盾相比,利物浦的最大变化是增加了“前锋”。纳比·凯塔(Nabi Keita)可以在中间发挥作用,菲尔米诺(Firmino)可以到达(右侧)协助萨拉赫和阿诺德,从而打破当地的平衡。

Arsenal's response to this seems a bit slow. The 3-4-3 defensive formation failed to delay the opponent's offensive organization in the frontcourt, and the number of wingers was inferior.

阿森纳对此的反应似乎有点慢。 3-4-3的防守阵型未能延迟对手在前场的进攻组织,并且边锋的数量也较少。

Shortly after Mane scored, Liverpool once again opened the gap from the right, and the two full-backs completed the connection. Robertson's goal helped the Reds overtake the score.


The Red Army continued to exert pressure, and Arsenal's two-wing attack broke points. In the process of 343 being squashed to 541, Niles did not establish a good connection between Tierney and Aubameyang. The Gabonese Fast Horse could not get the opportunity to attack and was lost in the round-trip seesaw. Of consumption.


William's situation is similar to that of Aubameyang, he is exhausted on the defensive, unable to contain Marne on the offensive end.


The wing problem is difficult to solve, Arteta replaced Ceballos, trying to rely on the technical ability of the Spanish midfielder to share the task of advancing the two wings, looking for opportunities to pass threats in the control phase.


After Pepe and Nkatia played in succession, Klopp also replaced a number of midfielders tit for tat, and continued to adhere to the strategy of oppressing the belt rhythm and the forwards with the goal of harvesting goals.


In the process of winning the Champions League and the Premier League, the confidence of the Red Army soldiers has been greatly improved. Klopp has not become conservative because of Lacazette's single-handed goal and subtle score (2-1).


In addition to Van Dijk and Alisson, Liverpool's recent strong support generally has the problem of slow integration. Salah performed well in his first season after landing in the Premier League, but he actually started to break out in November 2017 (Mane was injured), and it took Fabinho about two or three months to stabilize. After the main force, Nabi Keita has been unable to reach the expected height.

除了Van Dijk和Alisson外,利物浦最近的大力支持普遍存在整合缓慢的问题。萨拉赫(Salah)登陆英超联赛后的第一个赛季表现不错,但实际上他于2017年11月开始爆发(曼恩受伤),法比尼奥花了大约两三个月才能稳定下来。经过主力部队后,纳比凯塔一直无法达到预期的高度。

Thiago is the main midfielder of the Champions League champions team. Jota is a strong support from within the Premier League. Klopp treats them differently from Fabinho and Keita.

蒂亚戈(Thiago)是冠军联赛冠军球队的主要中场。 Jota是英超联赛的有力支持。克洛普对待他们的方式不同于法比尼奥和凯塔。

Against Chelsea, Klopp gave Thiago a 45-minute debut time, this time against Arsenal and arranged for Jota to play at a critical moment.


The goal in the first show helped Jota to better integrate into the team. The Portuguese replaced Mane in this game. Considering that he was used to the "pseudo-nine" play during the British Championship, his partner Jimenez showed it again. With the attributes that are both right and left, Firmino and Salah also have reliable substitutes.


By defeating two Big6 teams in a row, Liverpool's strength is undoubtedly revealed. With an excellent underpinning record, Klopp will be more at ease when arranging troops.


For a team with an ideal lineup, a dense schedule is a good training opportunity. 433 switches to the 424 formation operation mode, which allows Thiago and Keita to coexist, and provides more opportunities for Jota and Takumi Nanno. The chemical reaction brought by the new Red Army team is worth looking forward to.

对于拥有理想阵容的团队来说,密集的时间表是一个很好的训练机会。 433切换到424编队操作模式,该模式允许Thiago和Keita共存,并为Jota和Takumi Nanno提供了更多机会。新的红军团队带来的化学反应值得期待。

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