Before the game against Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Herrera said in an interview that he hopes they and Manchester United can qualify from Group H in the Champions League.


Of course, I hope that both of our teams can qualify. Paris Saint-Germain is the first in the group and Manchester United is the second. Of course I hope so.


I hope we can stop them in this game and at the same time show our own characteristics. We have a strong strength. Then, as you all know, I will wish Manchester United, Manchester United fans and all the Manchester people I love so much good luck.


I think Mata played his best game of the past two years. I am happy for him, but also a little worried about us. When Mata is in hot state, it is difficult to stop him, but we will do our best.


De Gea made the saves I was used to seeing when I played for Manchester United, so I was not surprised.

De Gea为我效力曼联时节省了很多钱,所以我并不感到惊讶。

In terms of his attitude and character, he is a real Manchester United player. He missed a penalty in the game a few days ago and was able to play like that, which proved his performance.


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