Tiger Fight, September 30. Manchester United star Matic had previously accepted an interview on the club’s official website. In an interview, Matic said that Manchester United did not perform well in the last game against Brighton, and he believes Manchester United Will do better in the League Cup against Brighton. Matic also said that for Manchester United's defensive players, it is a great thing to be able to complete zero seals.


Matic mentioned: "We only faced Brighton in the league before, and we will face Brighton again in the League Cup."


"It has happened several times before facing the same opponent in league and cup matches. I think every game is a new story, and what we have to do is to be fully prepared for the game."


"We will usher in a new challenge on Wednesday. Anything can happen. We know that we must perform very well. Of course, Brighton will also make some changes, because Brighton only met 3-4 days ago. We played a game."


"We will watch Brighton's game video to see how they attack and defend. We can use these things. Of course, we know that the next game will be a completely different game."


"We are ready to compete again and hope we can win again. We did not show our best performance in the last match against Brighton. We all know it, but the most important thing is that we win the game. ."


"We must respect Brighton. They performed very well. I think it is difficult for every team in the Premier League to get points from Brighton. The game was crazy and we must admit."


"But this is football. Anything can happen in football. We lost the second goal before the final whistle, and we always believe that the team can score at the last minute, and we will eventually done."


In Manchester United's game against Brighton, VAR also caused a lot of controversy. Matic said: "I think the referee finally made the right decision. We saw Brighton players handball."


"I am very happy to score three points, but we are not satisfied with our performance. I think we could have performed better. I hope we can show our strongest strength in Wednesday's game."


Manchester United previously defeated Luton 3-0 in the third round of the League Cup. Matic played 90 minutes of the game at the time. He believes that it has been difficult to play against the English Championship team. Matic said: "We have always known that it is very difficult to play against the English Championship team."

曼联此前在联赛杯第三轮中以3-0击败卢顿。 Matic当时打了90分钟的比赛。他认为与英格兰冠军队的比赛很难。马蒂奇说:“我们一直都盈和国际官网知道与英格兰冠军队对阵很难。”

"Every team in the English League is stronger. If we give those teams a chance, they will pose a threat to us."


"So after defeating Luton, I am very happy, especially when we completed the zero cover. It is very important for us defensive players to be able to complete the zero cover."


"The other defensive players in the team will also do their best to help the team complete the zero cover in the game. When I did it, we were all very happy."


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